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We are Scott and Cecilia, two lovebirds on a mission for Adventure. 

Our pursuit of new experiences has introduced us to amazing people, incredible foods, unique accommodations around the world, and some of the most thrilling experiences we could have ever dreamed of. It is our hope that our stories inspire you to approach the world with a lens of curiosity and enthusiasm, ultimately inspiring you to discover your own great adventures.

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Villa Amor: An Eclectic Getaway Along The Riviera Nayarit

One of our favorite things about Villa Amor is its natural beauty. The villas are built into the jungle to compliment the already existing flora and wildlife. Villa Amor feels like stepping into a mansion that has been carved out of the paradise. 

How to Have a Fun and Sustainable Sloth Encounter in Costa Rica

If you’re in Costa Rica, and you want an up-close experience with an adorable little sloth, there are a number of rescues and sanctuaries which specialize in the rehabilitation and release of sloths. We had the pleasure of visiting the furry inhabitants of the Toucan Rescue Ranch.

12 of the Best Adventures, Activities, & Attractions in Lexington, VA

Lexington, Virginia is an area filled with opportunities to explore the great outdoors — from the Blue Ridge Parkway and the nearby George Washington and Thomas Jefferson forest, to natural caverns and the intersection of the James and Maury Rivers, you are sure to find adventure during your visit.

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Edgar Allen Poe Museum

Discovering Edgar Allen Poe: A Review of Richmond's Poe Museum

On our most recent trip to Richmond, we had the opportunity to visit The Poe Museum for an insider’s look into the life and influence of Edgar Allen Poe.

Dahi Puri Best street food around the world

10 of the Best Street Foods Around the World - as rated by travel bloggers

Sampling street food is an integral part of world travel. We've consulted the experts to determine 10 of the best street foods around the world to add to your bucket list.


Cordes sur Ciel: The Enchanting Village Above the Clouds

Perched on a hilltop in Southern France lies the enchanting bastide, Cordes sur Ciel. The cobblestone streets, ivy-covered stone homes, and sky blue shutters will make you think you were transported into Charles Perrault’s fairy tale world of Cinderella.

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Old Timey, Analog Radio

Experiencing Something New: A Date with a Radio

Sometimes, the best way to break out of your ordinary is to use some imagination to travel back into the past. For this microadventure, we reconnect with the era of our grandparents and rediscover the Golden Age of Radio.

10 Adventure Dates

10 Indoor “Adventure” Dates for You and Your Bae on a Rainy Day

Who says rain has to wash out your perfect plans for a romantic date. Get creative and make an adventure out of it. Here we will share some of our tried and true indoor rainy day dates, some of which I can guarantee you haven’t seen yet in your google search!

Goat Yoga

Downward Dog to Upward Goat: Goat Yoga at Autumn Ridge

Animal-loving yogis rejoice, goat yoga has finally landed in southern Virginia. The owners of Autumn Ridge Cottages in Lexington, have begun offering this uniquely enjoyable experience to the community.

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Dressed in white for Dinner en Blanc

Diner en Blanc DC: Guide to Everything You Need to Know

Having attended two Dîner en Blanc events in Washington DC, we are here to share with you some helpful information and tips we have learned along the way.

Hanging out

What Downsizing Our Living Space Has Taught Us about our Relationship

We've been steadily downsizing our living space for the past several years. Losing more than half of our living space has caused us to make some adjustments in our relationship.

Traveling alone or with a Companion

Traveling alone or with a companion: Which is better?

As someone who has traveled substantially as a solo female, and now together with my hubby, I am here to share some of the “pros” of each traveling style.

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