Meet Lovicarious.

Hey there! We are Scott and Cecilia, the two halves that make up Lovicarious.

We are two lovebirds on a mission to redefine “adventure” as anything that is exciting or possibly new and outside of your comfort zone. Adventure is not limited to just tremendous adrenaline- and dopamine-rush activities. Rather, adventure can be found in every moment and every interaction. All it takes is a paradigm shift to see the endless possibilities for adventure around you.

Our pursuit of new experiences has introduced us to amazing people, incredible foods, unique accommodations around the world, and of course some of the most thrilling experiences we could have ever dreamed of. It is our hope that our stories inspire you to approach the world with a lens of curiosity and enthusiasm, ultimately inspiring you to discover your own great adventures.[FinalTilesGallery id=”1”]


Why Lovicarious?

Well to start, let us begin by clarifying some definitions.

Live: verb — to exist fully and purposefully

Love: verb — to feel a deep affection or passion for

Vicarious: adjective — experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person

We believe that life should not be measured by the things that you own, but by the experiences you have. By simplifying our lives from unnecessary clutter and distraction, our eyes are opened to a world of abundance around us. We are free to explore the unknown, seek out adventure, connect with strangers, and cultivate empathy. We believe that by living more fully, we deepen our knowledge of, and relationship with, the world around us and consequently with ourselves.

The purpose of Lovicarious is to share with you our journey as we seek to live more fully and love more openly. We invite others to share in these experiences vicariously with us.

We hope that our adventures, journals, and videos will evoke within you a desire to experience the world in a way that is new and exciting. It is our deepest hope that our journey encourages you to break through the wall of living vicariously, in order to unleash your own wildest dreams, explore your limits, and create your own great adventure.

What you will Find on our Blog

Adventures: Here we will share all of our exciting experiences from:

Foodie adventures – Trying new and unique foods, tasting traditional dishes from around the world, and discovering quirky restaurants

Cultural adventures – Diving into cultural festivals, participating in traditional ceremonies and celebrations, and exploring different communities

Accommodation adventures – Sleeping in unique hotels, adventurous Airbnbs, historic Bed and Breakfasts, and possibly even a few haunted mansions

Outdoor adventures –  Exploring the great outdoors through camping, hiking and rock climbing; interacting with wildlife at reserves, sanctuaries, and safaris; taking on extreme sports including sky diving and spelunking; Learning outdoor skills such as tree building and surviving the zombie apocalypse

Product Reviews: This is where we share our honest reviews of products we have tried. If you are anything like us when you plan for a trip, you spend way too much time researching what to pack and which gear to purchase. We have benefitted tremendously from reading the reviews of fellow adventurers, therefore we would like to do our part in sharing our honest thoughts of products we have used.

Vanlife: Here you will find anything and everything van related. We will share with you our Sprinter van conversion tutorials, vanlife recipes, and of course all of our vanlife adventures.

Lifestyle: This section is a bit more personal, covering our thoughts on life, relationships, simple living, health, and happiness.

Tips and Inspiration: This final section is intended to provide general resources, but also some food for thought. We will share travel hacks, adventure ideas, and planning resources as well as cover thought provoking topics such as sustainable tourism and responsible volunteerism.


Now go forth and start exploring!

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