About Lovicarious

We are Scott and Cecilia, two lovebirds on a mission to redefine “Adventure.” 

We believe that an adventure is anything exciting, new, or outside of your comfort zone; and that adventure is not limited to just tremendous adrenaline-rush activities. 

Adventure can be found in every moment and every interaction; and there are endless possibilities for adventure around you.

Our pursuit of new experiences has introduced us to amazing people, incredible foods, unique accommodations around the world, and some of the most thrilling experiences we could have ever dreamed of. It is our hope that our stories inspire you to approach the world with a lens of curiosity and enthusiasm, ultimately inspiring you to discover your own great adventures.

Meet the Lovicarious Crew

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Cecilia - Our Fearless Leader

If Cecilia were a Dungeons and Dragons character, she’d easily be a level 23 Dwarven Warrior, carrying a ladder through dungeons because she’s short — and if you’re short, too, then you’re well-aware that you never know when you’re going to need a good, sturdy ladder.  Cecilia specializes in using step-stools to reach high things, eating tasty foods, and being productive.

Cecilia is an extrovert that loves to travel, explore new cultures, and meet people.  She prefers to eat meals family-style, just so she can try as many new foods as possible.    

She’s headstrong, stubborn, sassy, and Scott’s eternal soulmate.    

  • Cecilia has a B.A. in Business Management, M.S. in International Development & Public Policy. 
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Scott - Earthbound Space Pirate

If Scott were a superhero, then he wouldn’t daydream all day about being a superhero.  Instead, he’d go out and use his super powers, and his super powers would be so super awesome and totally cool.  His biggest regret in life is that, as of now, he hasn’t discovered his superpowers yet; but rest assured, he spends time each and every day trying to find them.   

Scott is an introvert with a child-like sense of awe for even the seemingly-ordinary; and an intense curiosity for the world around him.  

  • Scott is a Physicist; and he got to write the About Us section of this website. 

What you can expect to find
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Adventure is everywhere.  It is all around you, every day.  Life is a journey where the scenery around you changes with your mindset.  Open your mind; see the world in a new way; and discover adventure with us.

Scott and Cecilia