Bridgedale Woolfusion Trekker Socks Review

Bridgedale Woolfusion Trekker Socks Review

Product Review:

Bridgedale Outdoor Ltd. is a global market leader in the manufacture of technical socks for: walking, hiking, mountaineering, running, skiing, and every day. This review is specifically for the Bridgedale Woolfusion Trekker Socks.

I used the Bridgedale Woolfusion Trekker Socks during my 8-day trek up Kilimanjaro. At the time, I was new to the whole “merino wool” thing. I knew they were supposed to be anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, meaning that you can wear them for much longer without them smelling. (This comes in handy when you are trying to pack lightly and carry less for a multi-day adventure.) Furthermore, the merino is also supposed to be lightweight and warm, but still soft on the skin. Despite these benefits, it does also come with a higher price tag per pair (between $15 and $31 on Amazon). I decided to bring two pairs of these merino blend socks, and a few generic wool hiking socks.

These Bridgedale socks blew all those other pairs away. Ok yes, the standard wasn’t high. I was comparing high end merino socks with $6 generic wool socks, however, I think that it clearly shows that there is a direct correlation between price and quality. Even after sweating in the Bridgedale Trekkers for 2 days, they still fit like a glove. There were no blisters, no discomfort and no odor. The generic socks on the other hand were loosely falling down inside my boots, while the bottoms were flat and stiff, providing no support and no warmth.

The only “con” for these Bridgedale Woolfusion Trekker socks, was that they were not quite as warm on summit night as I was hoping. Although they were warm under normal circumstances, they did not impede the -10 degrees Fahrenheit from numbing my toes. Then again, these are called the “Trekker socks”, not “Summit socks” which they now offer, designed with cold summit nights in mind.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the product. They were incredibly comfortable, effective, and durable. Having used them on several occasions since Kilimanjaro, they are still in incredible shape. I look forward to trying some of Bridgedale’s other products.

Bridgedale Woolfusion Trekker Socks
The Bridgedale Woolfusion Trekker socks provided much-needed comfort during the long climb up Kilimanjaro.

Ratings (1-5 scale):

Warmth: 4

Comfort: 5

Moisture Wicking: 5

Fit: 5


  • 44% Enduro Wool, 38% Nylon/Polyamide, 17% ENDUROFIL/Polypropylene, 1% LYCRA/Elastane
  • Enduro-Wool guarantees softness and quality compared to Merino Wool. Other wool yarns are spun from recycled wool and can be uncomfortable next to skin, unlike Enduro-Wool. Enduro-Wool also provides excellent thermal and moisture control properties.
  • ENDUROFIL is a thermal yarn and is combined with Enduro-Wool and Merino Wool for superb wicking and durability. ENDUROFIL is a polypropylene fiber, which also offers high abrasion and wash resistance.
  • LYCRA ensures Bridgedale socks fit and stay fitted. LYCRA fiber helps Bridgedale socks keep their shape year after year. LYCRA fiber is knit into specific zones to further improve fit and long-term comfort.
  • Boot height and medium cushioning with extra padding on the sole for added protection. Features a slimmer fit designed specifically for women’s’ feet.

Amazon Product Description:

Designed for all year round use by the regular or dedicated outdoor enthusiast. Unique Bridgedale construction ensures dry, warm and comfortable feet. WoolFusion Technology brings Enduro Wool together with ENDUROFIL to provide balanced insulation, moisture wicking, and durability. Enduro-Wool is softer than Merino Wool and has the same thermal and moisture control properties making it superior. ENDUROFIL yarn adds durability and wash resistance. This combination ensures that the Women’s WoolFusion Trekker delivers a high performance, comfortable, yet hard wearing sock with excellent thermal and moisture control properties. It is the ideal choice for those enthusiasts who walk, climb and explore anywhere on the planet. Boot height with medium cushioning and extra cushioning on the sole for added protection. Features a slimmer fit designed specifically for women’s’ feet. All with a 3 Year satisfaction guarantee.


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