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10 Indoor “Adventure” Dates for You and Your Bae on a Rainy Day

Who says rain has to wash out your perfect plans for a romantic date. Get creative and make an adventure out of it. Here we will share some of our tried and true indoor rainy day dates, some of which I can guarantee you haven’t seen yet in your google search!

Rainy Day Adventure 1: Cook for each other

Either cook for one another or collaborate to create an amazing meal together. When I was younger, my sister and I would play “restaurant”. We would both scavenge through the kitchen to take inventory of the ingredients. We would then draw up a menu with some of the things we thought we could make with the existing stock. Usually, our menu consisted of things like boxed macaroni and cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  We would then take turns playing chef and cooking in the kitchen, while the other played the role of customer.

An alternative would be cooking together in the kitchen. If Hollywood movies hold any truth, this can quickly escalate to a romantic situation. Think of Harry flirtatiously cooking breakfast with Mary Jane in Spiderman, or Mark Wahlberg’s character Melvin, seductively caressing a Thanksgiving turkey with Tina Chow in the Big Hit.

adventure rainy day date: cook for each other
The “romantic” turkey scene from The Big Hit. It’s a good cheezy 90’s flick if you’re looking for some good comedic action.
adventure rainy day date: cook for each other
Do you like Scott’s apron? That was my Christmas gift to him a few years ago. It was actually just a trick to get him to cook for me more since I knew he would want more excuses to wear it 😉

Rainy Day Adventure 2: Journal together

rainy day date ideas
The ME journal

Scott and I have these two journals that we bought together a few months back to use as a rainy day activity. We personally use “The Me Journal” by Shane Windham because we found it on sale one day while perusing in a bookstore. Scott has his copy and I have mine. Together we fill in the pages answering:

  • “This-or-that” questions like “beer or wine”, “be rich or be
  • “On a scale of 1 to 10” questions like “how important is spontaneity in a relationship”, or “how important are street smarts in a companion”
  • Random questions like “songs that turn you on”, “your first words as a baby”, and “your blood type”.  Apparently, neither of us knew our blood type or first words, so this activity ended up in a phone call to both of our mothers.

After filling out a few pages on our own, we would then take turns sharing what we wrote. While some of the questions are pretty simple and common sense, you will be surprised about how much you learn about one another. Of course, you will have to have these journals at home before the rainy day actually hits, so go ahead and order your copies now so that you are ready the next time it rains!

Rainy Day Adventure 3: Indoor picnic

Rainy Day date ideas: picnic
One of our many rainy day indoor picnics.

I have had picnics in fields, backyards, asphalt driveways, enclosed garages, and yes in my living room. One of my favorite dates was a living room picnic while watching a movie. Rather than a traditional picnic with fruits, crackers, and cheeses, we tried something a little out-of-the-ordinary. We have a whole stockpile of dehydrated meals to supply our outdoor adventures, bug-out bag, and zombie apocalypse bag, so we decided to have a taste test of 4 or 5 different meals. We sat on our blanket and fed each other bites of our different meals straight out of the bag. Not quite a Michelin star meal, but add some romantic lighting and a sappy love movie, and there you go. Romantic adventure in your own living room.

So grab a blanket, grapes, and cheese…or dehydrated meals, then get the wine flowing.

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Rainy Day Adventure 4: Write letters

When is the last time you received a letter in the mail? Not a Christmas card or wedding invitation, but an actual handwritten letter. With the advent of emails, e-cards, and text messages, it is not too often that we see actual letters arrive in our mailbox anymore, so we decided to do something about that.

The last rainy day we had, we pulled out some college-ruled notebook paper, pens, and some colored markers. We wrote to some of our other friends just in a stream of thought. We also wrote to my 3-year-old niece and 5-year-old nephew, including some fancy hand-drawn pictures of their favorite cartoons. You can write a letter to your sister in college, your friend in the army, find some pen-pal group online, or even write a letter to The Queen because why not?

Another form of this activity would be to write a letter to each other. You can title it “open on your birthday”, or if you are married “open on our 5-year anniversary”. Communication is one key to a successful relationship. Take this rainy day cooped up together as an opportunity to reflect on your authentic feelings and how you appreciate one another. What do you admire in that person? What are your favorite memories together? Sitting side-by-side in contemplation of how you feel about one another will set the mood for one romantic evening. And I promise, enhanced communication will only bring you closer to one another, even if you read those letters a few weeks, months, or years from now.

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Rainy Day Adventure 5: In-home spa night

Spa days are a time-consuming thing. Being locked inside for a few hours is just the perfect amount of time to relax and treat yourself to a day at the spa. Maybe your significant other will be open to letting you put a mud mask on their face, but if not, then they can just give you a massage while you let your own mud mask set in.

Speaking of massages, another idea is to watch Youtube tutorials on how to give massages. Then take your turn giving foot, neck, and back massages. Add some oil, candles, and bam. You know what happens next…unless you’re like us and you are so relaxed that you both just fall asleep.

Rainy Day Adventure 6: Board game binge

Rainy Day date ideas: game night

Rain or shine, it is always a good time for a board game night. While it is always fun to play some throw-back games like Monopoly, Life or Twister, we have found some newer games which we love. Currently, our favorite games (two-player or more) are Bananagrams and Codenames Duet. If you have more than two people, we highly recommend Sheriff of Nottingham, Secret Hitler, and Cranium.

Rainy Day Adventure 7: Movie night

Cuddle up on the couch with some popcorn and binge watch your favorite movie/tv series. For tv series, may we recommend Game of Thrones for some action, the Tudors for some intriguing history, or Breaking Bad if your hubby is a scientist like mine. If you go with movies, you definitely have to go with the Indiana Jones trilogy, Star Wars saga, or you can also binge watch all of the Marvel movies in sequential order.

Rainy Day Adventure 8: Build a fort

One of the things that I love most about Scott is his playfulness. His excitement playing with his collection of nerf guns, ninja throwing stars, and super hero capes; his little giggles at his own cheesy “dad jokes”; his fantastical conversations about zombies and aliens; the list goes on. I find his imagination and innocent playfulness absolutely refreshing and rejuvenating. Why do you have to stop playing like a kid just because you’re an adult?

With that being said, grab all the blankets and pillows you can find and construct yourselves a fort, a majestic castle, or a medieval dungeon! Bring in some flashlights, popcorn, and wine. If you want to be romantic read each other poetry, but if you want to be adventurous, turn on the flashlight and read each other ghost stories.

Rainy Day Adventure 9: Play your favorite retro computer games

This has got to be one of the most fun rainy day date adventures Scott and I have ever had. It was pouring down rain, we were stuck inside and were reminiscing about old-school games that we loved growing up. The conversation turned to DOS computer games. Scott loved the Oregon Trail, Civilization, and Risk. I loved the Caveman Olympics, Snood and Mario Teaches Typing. By the way, what a brilliant idea to get kids interesting in typing because it definitely worked for me.  (And yes, I realize that I just aged ourselves.)

Well, you might not know this but you can actually still play many of these games for free online! We had a blast reminiscing on playing our favorite games again. The pixelated imagery, the sounds, the keyboard commands, it was just one big trip down memory lane being able to play them again.

Sites like allow you to…well…play classic computer games online. There are a number of other sites where you can play these games online or download full versions, but not all are legal so do exercise caution.

Rainy Day Adventure 10: Talk to each other

Downsizing and relationships

Yet another one of my favorite rainy day dates involved Scott taking all of the cushions off the couches, placing them on the floor, and us lying on top of them. Lying next to each other on our backs, we closed our eyes, listened to the rain and shared our favorite memories with each other. As someone who prefers to always stay busy and productive, forcing myself to slow down, close my eyes and lie next to each other was an intimate and romantic moment.

I know that doesn’t sound like much of an adventure, but simply slowing down to have a meaningful conversation with one another is something that we rarely do when we are surrounded by people, sounds, and distractions. By doing something out of our normal routine, I would consider that an adventure.

But those aren’t adventurous

In our “About Us” page, we define adventure as anything that is exciting or possibly new and outside of your comfort zone. Adventure is not limited to just tremendous adrenaline- and dopamine-rush activities. Rather, adventure can be found in every moment and every interaction. All it takes is a paradigm shift to see the endless possibilities for adventure around you. Building a fort in your 30’s and picnicking together on the living room floor are not things we do on an ordinary day, therefore it is an adventure. Letting me put a charcoal facemask on Scott’s face might be a little out of Scott’s usual comfort zone, therefore it is an adventure.  Watching 6 hours of nail-biting Marvel superhero movies is exciting, therefore it is an adventure.

We would love to hear some of your adventurous rainy day date ideas. If there are any of your favorites that we missed, please feel free to comment below.

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